Honoring Mabon

A catch up, if you will.

It’s been a long time, I know, and I’m sorry.

Mr. Brisngr and I own a cabin in Northern Michigan about a mile from the 45th parallel. Since my job hunt proved fruitless this spring (anyone needing a librarian?), we decided to spend the summer at the cabin and I hoped to connect with the gods and goddesses since our cabin would give me all the solitude and tools I needed to call and worship.

But I did nothing but the gods and goddesses did not forget me. A slow smile would creep across my face when I was outside and the breezes would cause the treetops to move — they were with me even if I wasn’t with them.

Michigan, Northern Michigan specifically, was home to dozens of Native Americans / First Peoples tribes who have now mostly dwindled to one or two. No one had told me directly but I’ve always thought the 45th parallel would be home to magic and ley lines based on the areas history and other lore but I found nothing except an obscure article connecting US cities on the 45th parallel to other cities around the world with Trieste, Italy as the primary significance of some sort. I want to write a (fiction) book about the gods, fairies, and other otherworldly things that exist in our world and theirs but I am already discouraged by what I have found. Perhaps this is the gods and goddesses ways of telling me to dig deep and create my own lore, my own history. I really hope so.


I have not forgotten my journey or intent for the discovery of my spiritual path. One of the first things I did when we got to the cabin was to find and pack the rest of my books on paganism and related subjects for the journey home so I could have my entire library in one space. I did, however, bring my tarot cards with me but those remained wrapped neatly in the velvet bag, protected by the crystals placed within. Now that I am home, I want to get back on the path I have strayed from. It’s becoming more crucial, not only for my mental health but also for my spirituality that I continue on my search. The last time I wrote I mentioned Unitarian Universalists, a non-denominational church which also has a pagan chapter, CUUPS, that I have been meaning to also check out. I’ve been so rife with anxiety and depression this summer, I long for some kind of community of like-minded people and while I see myself as a solitary practitioner, UU and CUUPS may be what I need for the community. I went to a local UU meeting in the spring and I’m planning on going on Sunday. The local CUUPS meeting is that night and they are celebrating Mabon.

Which is why I’m back writing here today.

I subscribe to the Patheos Pagan newsletter and in a recent mailing, there is an article honoring Mabon. I’ve been thinking about the fall equinox lately, and how I could participate in Mabon, and I begin to think of it not so much as a “reap what you sow” but rather “out with the old and in with the new.” There is a French philosophy around “la rentrée” which means “the beginning of September” where you would not wait until January 1 to reboot your life instead you do it on September 1. I just found out about this yesterday so while it is late in the game but with Mabon coming up, I would reboot my life at the equinox and give myself fully to the gods and goddesses. I have an idea for my offering which I’ll share with you on another day.


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